Yet another design agency, but with a twist or two - est. 2009


awesome visual html code teamwork


RGB color palette, sharp eyes and 6 year old, but trusty mouse - Together we create beautiful UX oriented designs, from websites to mobile applications.


Great visual is nothing without flawless front and backend coding. From Wordpresss to VOOG - Quality responsive code with handy content management.


Working with other agencies or freelancers helps to keep us sharp and up to date. So there is nothing better to team up for same cause - Create digital awesomeness.

joeranna residentsid design end development

Back to nature. Freshly founded residential area, close to Tallinn.

wavecom design

Webhosting, private server, internet connection and so lots more. Lots of www services for home or business user.

telegram design end development

Telegram is undoubtedly the biggest alternative media source in Estonia. Our goal was having a great tablet and mobile support for future proofing.

anda adventures design and development

Anda Adventures is located in Philippines, Anda - Helping people to discover wonders of Anda and have an active holiday full of hiking, cycling or kayaking.

cityproperty design end development

Real Estate & rental made easy. We developd plugin for automatically fetching all properties to site, therfore significantly reducing workload on managing the content.

kalambuur design

Tasty fish dishes from cousy family restaurant, located in the outskirts of old town.

tegra design end development

Designing and manufacturing broad range of factory automation equipment and solutions

biokalli design

Only natural beauty and care products - There is too much chemicals in most of our daily used products! design

Laptops for every taste and need - New site was aimed to make more direct sales - Upgrade from just product list to e-shop functionality.

saaremaahouses design and development

Quality wooden houses from Saarema. From smaller garden units for summer to year-round use modular houses.

balticguide design

Finnish biggest Estonian tourist guide - All the current topics from one place.

wrsradio design

WRS is the English language radio station in the Lake Geneva region.

helevalgus design

Efficient lighting solutions - Combining client requests, needs and possibilities with long term professional experiences.

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jipikaje - "ypikaye ***" by John Mcclane

Established in 2009 - We have tackled numerous exciting projects since - And we're not done yet!
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